Healthy eating and exercise for the 40 year old woman

celeb-scales-1-tm.jpegAs Spring approaches I find myself becoming motivated to get into shape for the September wedding.  I want to look good also for my 40th birthday. Yeah, I am only human.

I need to gear my eating and exercise to fit where I am at currently.  Doing too much in the gym will only make me sore and I need to be consistent. Also eating right to the point where my metabolism increases is also an other desired goal of mine.

Studies find that your mid-30s through your 40s is a critical period for determining whether you’ll remain physically active after menopause, something you definitely want to strive for. The best reason is that you’ll likely live longer. One large study of older women found that exercise reduced all causes of death in postmenopausal women. Here are some others:

• Regular exercise lowers blood pressure, reduces levels of “bad” cholesterol while raising levels of “good” cholesterol and slows our resting heart rate, enabling it to work more efficiently.

• Several studies have found that physically active women experience less intense and fewer symptoms of menopause, including the ubiquitous hot flashes.

• Physical activity also reduces your risk of colon cancer, kidney stones, gallstone surgery and diverticular disease.

• Exercise can lower the risk of the disease women fear most: breast cancer.

• Exercise has emotional benefits, too. It can help you fall asleep faster and sleep longer and deeper, and relieve depression.

If the benefits of exercise are so clearly significant, why isn’t every woman out there doing the things that translate into physical activity?

“The number one barrier we hear is ‘I don’t have the time,'” says Bess H. Marcus, PhD, who directs the Physical Activity Research Center at Brown University Medical School in Providence, RI.

That may be due to the mistaken belief that physical activity means hard, intense exercise, the kind that makes you drop with sweat and leaves your muscles aching the next day.


Yes indeed, one has to “get over it” the excuses and get out there and make yourself into the person you should be.  I cannot see myself as a frumpy middle aged woman. Just goes against what I want.  I have every right to look and feel my very best.

I think the image of the older woman is changing. I know the media has allot to do with this also and women my age should not consider themselves hampered by societal norms.  Love life and live it!


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